Mar 25, 2009


My body is conspiring against me.

In spite of the miracle that is a baby girl inside me (I can't quite bring myself to blame the madness on her), my organs and ligaments and fluids are waging wars against each other that leave me feel lousy around the clock. I have turned into a whiny hypochondriac, wondering if every ailment is a sign of preterm labor or some other serious complication. There are too many discomforts for me to deal with in a rational manner, and while I could recite them all for you here, I'm feeling pretty guilty about letting such garbage cloud my vision of the greater good.

Today, however, I received a little validation from the OB I have grown to detest (medical provider dissatisfaction is an entirely separate issue). Turns out I have "probable cholecystitis," or issues with my gallbladder. The short-term fix is a fat-free diet. Um, hello. Is that really possible for someone of my personality and gestational state? I'll have a gallbladder scan in the next day or two that will determine a longer-term course of treatment. I hope ice cream can be part of my life again sometime in the future. And I really don't want to have surgery, now or ever. Despite my symptoms, this better be a false alarm.

I also have probable preeclampsia. Lovely. My blood pressure jumped today and apparently my kidneys excreted protein today. I get to provide a 24-hour specimen for the lab to officially diagnose this condition. If I do have it, the only fix is childbirth. As ready as I am to be done, Baby Girl would be a lot better off if she got to grow inside for several more weeks. An interim "band-aid" for the problem: bedrest. Is bedrest really possible for someone of my personality and family make-up? We'll cross that bridge if we can't avoid it, I guess. Let's hope that this potential diagnosis is also a false alarm. It sounded near the end of my pregnancy with Gavin, all for nothing.

I also have a UTI. This is probably too much information for my more sensitive readers, but I thought the news was the perfect icing on the cake today. A malfunctioning organ, a systemic disorder, and an infection. Sounds yummy to me.

On the up side, Baby Girl has a strong heart beat and is measuring normally. She is very wiggly, which never ceases to amaze and delight me, even when I'm as ornery as I am today.

And sitting in my kitchen is a brand-new dishwasher. It's not what I wanted for my birthday (which isn't for a month), but I know I'm going to love it anyway. Broken dishwashers don't clean the dishes, and neither does this pregnant mommy.
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