Mar 1, 2009

Projects in progress

My recent lists have been good for my life. They give me focus when I don't feel like focusing. They help me get the big things done in a reasonable time-frame. They make me feel like I'm being productive (read: worthwhile). They also prevent me from focusing on dinner at the right time of day, but my family is content with grilled cheese, burritos, and cereal, so who really cares?

Here are some photos of things I've been working on during Gavin's naps, when the big boys feel like entertaining him, and before my bedtime.

Wall decor for Baby Girl.

Updated crib skirt for Baby Girl (the rickrack is new).

Paint on walls and moulding in Gavin's new room.

Wall decor for Gavin's new room.

Up next (while my sewing machine is out):

A new apron (I missed the sewing day with other ladies at church).

A crib quilt for Gavin's new room (thanks for the pattern, Adri).

And perhaps, in my wildest dreams that just might come true, curtains for the kitchen (you'll get a photo when I get the fabric).

Saturday was especially productive (read: successful). Garry and I finished painting Gavin's new room, I got several other important-to-me things done, Garry started designing a cabinet he's building, Zach and Tyler had a Lego-building contest, Gavin took two excellent naps, and Zach's friend Ben came over for two hours and they played without incident (Ben's coming and the lack of active-boy drama are both very rare).

We concluded the evening with dinner at Red Robin, where three boys were delightful and we stuffed ourselves silly (and still came home with two big doggie bags for lunch today). Tyler was hilarious during family fun time, which was a game of Wii bowling. He won, after scoring a "turkey" (three strikes in a row), and that delighted him to no end. The boys crashed late, Garry and I crashed early, and everyone slept through the night. At 8:00 a.m., Zach and Tyler are playing happily in their room and Gavin is still sleeping. What an excellent series of events!
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