Mar 27, 2009

Progression of a snow storm

Colorado Springs is experiencing a major weather event. I'm not sure if it officially counts as a blizzard, but I have certainly never seen this combination of wind and snow before. It's quite fascinating from my perch in the window of a warm house.

Since the TV weathermen predicted up to a foot of snow, I was interested to see how quickly it accumulated. I took this photo around 11:30 a.m. yesterday, about ten minutes after I saw the first flakes fall.

These photos came an hour later, just before Garry came home from work. His office was closed because of the weather. He said the roads were ridiculous already.

Notice the tips of my 3-inch tulips peeking through the snow. I've been told they are sure to survive this winter blast.

Here are some photos of the snow we woke up to this morning. Although it's not snowing anymore, the wind is whipping everything around in the air. We have three-foot snow drifts next to the house and bare spots on the lawn. Wind has pushed the snow through window screens so it's pressing against the glass. Some of our window well covers are blanketed in snow, making those corners of the basement dark, while others have no snow at all so the light can shine through.

And boy, oh boy, is it cold out there! Our thermometer read 8.7 degrees at 7:43 this morning. I'm awfully grateful for the 65 degree reading for our indoor temperature. Our 25-year-old furnace is doing its job today!

Some out-of-town folks have asked if I'm ornery about this spring snow, and I have to say that I'm not.
{Even if it does mean all my medical tests will be delayed...what can I do about that?} The kids aren't missing school and I don't feel well enough to leave the house, so this crazy weather is the perfect excuse to lounge in pajamas and the comforts of home. And if a bunch of snow means a less severe drought this summer, I'm all for it. My tulips need water to grow, after all.

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