Mar 3, 2009

Fun photos of the first child

Yesterday we enjoyed lovely warm weather and the conspicuous absence of wind. The result: a park play date for Tyler (thanks for the nap, Kym!) and copious outdoor playtime after school.

Zachary seemed to think it was summer; he raided the summer clothing stash at the top of his closet for a warm-weather outfit. I was in a forgiving mood, though. I figured if shorts prolonged his entertainment, I could deal with a mess in the bedroom.

Anyway, Zach has been practicing on his pogo stick and inline skates lately and both skills seem to have clicked. Yesterday he was "wow"-ing the neighborhood kids with almost 50 consecutive bounces on the pogo stick. He was so excited about the achievement! His current goal is 100 bounces in a row. We'll see how long it takes to get there.

In other exciting news, the ant farm Zachary received for his birthday (in, um, October) finally got some residents yesterday when a vial of harvester ants arrived in our mail box. Garry handled the creature transfer since the thought of doing it gave me the heebie jeebies. But of course the boys were delighted. The ant farm was quite the attraction for the pile of kids (and adults) we had over last night for Family Home Evening, and this morning the first words I heard out of Zachary's mouth were, "You've got to come see what the ants did last night!"

Since this is the closest the boys will ever come to having pets, I'm glad a few ants are so exciting.
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