Mar 30, 2009


Zachary was on my mind all day today. It was his first day at his new elementary school.

I hoped so much that he'd find a friend, fit in with his classmates, and show his teacher the best version of himself. I hoped he wouldn't get lost or feel scared or lonely. I hoped he'd like his lunch and remember his student number at the end of the day. I hoped he wouldn't come home hating his parents for turning his world upside down.

When he came running up to the van with an ear-to-ear grin on his face, my own mouth burst with a smile. I relaxed. All was well.

Zachary had a wonderful day! As I drove away from the school, Zach chattered happily about Spanish class and his reading partner and the kid from his soccer team who's in the class next door. At home we went through his new homework folder and talked about some new routines.

Then I got a lovely email from Zach's teacher. Its simple message warmed my heart. "Zach had a great first day! We enjoyed having him in class. He seems to be a great student and gets along well with the other students."

If only she knew how much those words meant to us!

An afternoon phone call from my doctor's office was equally uplifting. My initial preeclampsia labs came back clean, meaning at this juncture I do not, in fact, have the disorder. Second-tier labs are still pending, but it seems that this particular concern is moot for now. Although I still have my worries, I'm so grateful that this risky issue isn't mine to deal with.

I'll have a gallbladder scan in the morning and should have the results late in the day. Here's hoping that the good news trend continues!
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