Mar 14, 2009

Mission accomplished!

Zachary announced today that he'd like to audition for his school's talent show. I was surprised, given his history of stage fright, but also happy that he was interested in a performance opportunity. After a few minutes of brainstorming what talent he might share, we decided he should demonstrate his pogo-jumping skills. Zach was elated with this idea and quickly bundled up so he could practice outside.

After about half an hour, Zach burst in the door and ran downstairs to find me.

"Mom! Guess what?"

I couldn't imagine what had generated so much excitement.

"I did it! I made it to 100 jumps!"

This has been Zach's goal since receiving his pogo stick for Christmas. Last I heard he was hovering around the 65 mark. I gave him a high-five and grabbed the camera.

After capturing his beaming face, I filmed him attempting another 100+ jumping stint...and he made it! He started before the camera did, but all told he bounced 165 consecutive times before getting too tired. What a champ!

And if he doesn't make the cut at the elementary school, he can show off his pogo skills at the ward talent show next month. I'm in charge of that event, so he's sure to make it on stage!
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