Aug 13, 2012

Here we gooooo!

Summer is officially over on Wednesday, at least for our two children who start school then.  We'll have four kids in school this year.  They will attend four schools with four start times and three start dates.  I'm thinking we're a wee bit crazy for setting the year up like this, but hopefully after Labor Day we'll be in a groove and have things figured out.

Today Zach ventured into the world of middle school.  He'll be taking a first-period algebra class there each day, and will then spend the rest of the day elementary school. Today we met his teacher, Mr. Hayes, and took a look around.  Zach was happy to find that the school is laid out just like the middle school that hosted his chess tournament in April.  We figured out where I'll drop him off and pick him up and where he'll sign out after math class.  On the way home we bought the last of his school supplies and all of Gavin's supplies (and Kate's birthday gifts).

This afternoon I took Zach and Tyler to their back-to-school event.  I am very excited about their teachers this year.  We chatted with the best teacher ever, TAG coordinator Mrs. Reynolds.  She's been such a champion for Zach and Tyler and has really made a world of difference in their lives.  Zach's core teacher seems like a fantastic fit, and I almost cried when I found out that Tyler's best buddy in the ward is in his class at school. I've been praying for that particular blessing all summer. I think the boys are set for success this year.

Gavin and Lexi were so upset that they had to stay home with a babysitter while I took the boys to their school events today.  To appease their tortured little hearts, I let them each wear one of their school outfits.  I cannot express the joy that this gesture brought those silly kids.  Gavin's grin is priceless.

Tomorrow we'll do a dry run of the school schedule, and then on Wednesday morning our school year begins!  I think we're ready.  Well...I know I am!
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