Aug 24, 2012

The school angle

We're a step closer to the "real" school year, i.e. when all eligible children are attending school.  This week Gavin and Lexi both had preschool previews, wherein they toured their classrooms and met their teachers.

Gavin is back at the district office.  He landed in a great class and I'm really excited about his teacher.  There were, however, some hiccups. The administration placed Gavin in an afternoon class, despite telling us he was in a morning class; and Gavin can't ride the bus to and from school.  (He's not disabled enough.)  I complained, so Gavin is back in the morning, and even though he can't ride the bus, a friend has generously offered to bring him home for me every day.  God is good!  And all is well.

Lexi begged for Daddy to take her to her preschool orientation meeting.  She was elated to find a place to hang her backpack.  She is convinced that her full name is Lexis (it is actually Alexis--I think she's confused about A being a letter and a word, because she spells it out loud correctly but insists her name starts with L).  Poor fourth child....I need to help her a bit.

Today Zach and Tyler had literacy testing at the elementary school.  They scored right where we expected, so we're pleased about that.  When the boys finished testing, the TAG coordinator came out for a conversation.  I just love her, and especially enjoy the insights she offers on my boys' behavior at school.  She shared one hilarious tidbit about Tyler.  It was a conversation that followed a math lesson on obtuse vs. acute angles.  Mrs. Reynolds explained that she remembers "obtuse" by saying the word in a loud, booming sort of voice, and saying "acute" in a high, squeaky voice.  Big vs. little.  Makes sense, right? Well, the class decided that "obtuse" reminded them of the word "obese."

Later, Mrs. Reynolds realized that while standing near Tyler, who was seated on the floor, she had stepped right on his hand.  Tyler hadn't complained, but she apologized profusely.  As I understand it, the rest of the conversation went something like this:

Mrs. R: I'm so sorry, Tyler!
Tyler: It's okay. You're not nearly as heavy as I expected you'd be.
Mrs. R (who, by the way, probably wears size 2 jeans): What?!
Tyler: It's not like I'm calling you an obtuse angle!


To celebrate all of our new-school-year successes, we met Garry for lunch and root beer floats.

Here's to another great school year!
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