Aug 23, 2012

I climbed up the apple tree

When she was in my back yard a couple of weeks ago, my bridal shower co-conspirator offered to help me make applesauce.  My apple trees were loaded and she was confident that with a little assistance, I could do it.  I hedged for a while, but eventually decided that Nancy's kick in the pants might be for the best.  My kids LOVE applesauce, and I always hate seeing our trees' harvest go to waste.  So last Saturday during the boys' swim meet, Gavin and Lexi and I picked apples.

Yesterday I borrowed some equipment, and at 11:30 this morning I started making applesauce.

The apples looked all pretty and happy in the sink.

Then I started chopping, and I remembered why I haven't made applesauce for eight years.  It's so much work, especially with the little apples off my tree.  I had to cut out a lot of bad parts.

The next step was steaming the apples.  The house smelled fantastic, which was good motivation to keep going.

I didn't let the apples steam quite long enough the first time, but that realization didn't come until I tried running them through the sieve and they were too firm to mash.  So those went back in the pot.  I had two large stock pots going at once.  The process still took all afternoon.

Eventually I did churn out some applesauce.  I added cinnamon and sugar, and then bottled it up.  By 5:00 I had made 16 quarts.

My lovely friend Nancy processed the full jars for me because she's nice like that.

And now we have a little store of applesauce...but not nearly as much as I think we ought to have for the amount of effort I exerted.  Lesson learned.  Again.

The last time I made applesauce, Zach was three.  He helped.  I remember the experience being magical.  Am I forgetting a few details, or was 2004 just more magical?

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