Aug 13, 2012

Moms just wanna have fun

Today I dusted the cobwebs from my fun-o-meter and joined some friends at The Color Run in town.  Garry and I had planned to run the 5K together--a pretty fun activity for The Couple Who Never Dates--but his persistent cold/cough/flu got the better of him this week and he had to back out.  I was going to skip it, too, but decided late last night to go anyway.  Clayson, a teenage boy in the ward, took Garry's spot, and Lisa, Angela, April, and I all had a blast.

We arrived at the race venue (Pikes Peak International Raceway) around 7:45.  We met up with Clayson and his parents and joked about the run being an official ward activity because Clayson's dad, our Bishop, was there.  He was kind enough to take a "before" shot of us in our pristine white shirts.

Lisa, Angela, April, Heidi
The race began in waves at 8:00.  Groups were released every couple of minutes.  The crowd was pretty fun as we waited in line.  We saw people in white wigs, tutus, knee socks, headbands, and florescent sunglasses.  Everyone was rocking out to the music, and the race DJ was hilarious.  Our group (the ladies, at least; Clayson found friends) ended up right at the front of our wave.  We set off at 8:20.

We were in the middle of the pack...maybe even the front third.  Tons of people ran!

At every kilometer mark we ran through a color station, where race volunteers sprayed the runners with chalky color.  I tried my best to get completely saturated, and I think I succeeded!  I also tried to run the entire 5K.  I did have to walk after about 3 kilometers, but just for 30 seconds or so.  Angela and April finished ahead of me, I crossed the finish line in about 35 minutes (I'm thrilled!), and Lisa finished shortly after me.  Clayson ran the 5K loop twice in less than 40 minutes.

We took some ceremonial photos at the end.

Before we found everyone else, Angela and I went into the "party zone" for some colorific fun and came out completely plastered.  Sweet!


In the party zone

April, Lisa, and I went to breakfast at Denny's on the way home.  We got lots of weird looks (understandably), but had a great time!  As we left another Color Run group walked in to eat.

The kids thought I looked pretty crazy when I got home.  (Of course they were correct.) Most of the color came off in the shower, although my skin is still quite dyed between my fingers, under my arms, and around my eyes.  I'm still not sure about my hair.  I might be quite an entertaining choir accompanist during sacrament meeting tomorrow.

We sat on towels as we drove home but forgot to protect the seat belts. Oops.
Good thing Garry's car is 13 years old.

I would say that this was a morning of good, clean fun...but I guess that's not entirely accurate.  I am glad to know that in spite of my crazy/stressful/wonderful life, I can still let go and have a good time.
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