Aug 15, 2012

First Day: Zach and Ty

I kind of can't believe the school year is here!  For some members of this household, school is an exciting and wondrous thing.  For the eldest child, this date loomed on the calendar and brought waves of dread and horror.  At least so he says.

We're adjusting our school routine this year to accommodate Zach's math class and two preschools instead of one (plus an earlier elementary start time), but since the middle school doesn't start until tomorrow, today was the simplest morning we'll probably have all year.  That was good, because I wanted the kids to pose for pictures.

Zach's outfit is so HIM right now.  He's obsessed with purple (at least the darker variety). His second-favorite color is black, and he has rather edgy taste when it comes to clothes, so we were both happy with this compromise shirt.  He's thrilled with the nearly-free basketball shoes I got from a friend through Facebook (thanks, Sara!).  Zach is rarely seen without his Superman hat, except at church, and he'd wear it there if I'd let him. Hats aren't allowed at school, but he insisted on taking it in his backpack.  He is using the same backpack he did last year, but has a new purple-and-black lunch box.  In spite of these happy things, Zach did his best to scowl and moan about the perils of school, so it was easy to digitally capture his grumpiness.  I finally convinced him to smile.

Tyler was thrilled go to back to school.  He hasn't developed as many fashion opinions as Zach has, so clothes shopping with him was pretty fun and easy.  I will say that the runner-up pair of shoes was neon orange (laces, too), and I was happy when he chose the black pair.  Tyler meticulously laid out his clothes last night, happily practiced the piano this morning, and was ready with helmet, lunch, and backpack ten minutes early.

So here are the boys, all set for fourth grade and fifth grade.

The boys are riding bikes to school this year.  Well, that's a simplified version of the truth. Tyler and the neighbor boy, Tyler M. (also in fourth grade), will ride their bikes to and from the elementary school.  Starting tomorrow, Zach will begin his day at the middle school, but he will take a folded scooter when I drive him back to the elementary school so he can ride home with the Tylers at the end of the day.  It's complicated, but hopefully this plan will work out.  Once Lexi is in school, I will post our morning schedule, which includes four schools and four start times.  We're still working out some of the details.

Kate bid the boys farewell from the driveway at 7:45.  When they come home around 3:30, I'll have homemade Costco cookies and milk waiting at the kitchen table.

I hope it's a great day.
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