Aug 6, 2012

Conversation with a three-year-old

Three is not my favorite age.  Case in point:

Mom: Lexi, please put on your swimming suit.  Your lesson is pretty soon.
Lexi: NO!  I'm NOT going to swimming lessons today!
[Insert 20 minutes of screaming and banging on my bedroom door while I take a shower and get ready for the day.]
Mom: Hey, you put on your swimming suit!
Lexi: (Crossing arms, glaring and snarling) Because I wanted to. Hmph. But I'm NOT swimming.
Mom: OK, but remember: if you want to watch TV later, you have to participate in swimming lessons.
Lexi: But I don't LIKE privileges!  I'm not going!
Mom: Really?  I thought you liked your shows.
Lexi: I am just going to put my FEET in the water!  And wear my swimming suit like THIS!  (Pulls the shoulder straps off and shoves the neckline down around her waist.)
Mom: You have to do everything your teacher asks if you want electronics privileges today.
Mom: Even the floats, Lexi.
Lexi: You're the meanest mom EVER!  I'm telling Dad on you!
Mom: (Laughing.)
Lexi: When he gets home from work, you're getting a time-out!
Mom: I love you, Lexi.
Lexi: I HATE you!

After enjoying the exchange above (and remaining calm; do I get a gold star?), I fetched Gavin from the basement and herded children to the van.  But I couldn't find my keys.  I did not remain calm about that, and finally gave up looking for them at 9:40.  Lessons started at 9:30.  I later found them on the counter under a t-shirt.

Happy Monday, everyone.  Happy Monday.
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