Aug 13, 2012

Church conversation

Gavin was ready for Sacrament Meeting to be over before it started.  After all, he'd already been wearing a scratchy shirt and tie for an hour because he came with me to choir practice.  At 11:30, with about 40 minutes left in the meeting, we had the following conversation.  I whispered, but he used his regular voice.

Gavin: I want a drink!
Heidi: You can get a drink when the meeting is over.
Gavin: When is that?
Heidi: (Pointing to the clock) When the big hand gets to the two.
Gavin: It's already at the eleven!
Heidi: That's the little hand.  The big hand is at the six.  Then it will go to the seven. Then eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, one, two.  At the two we'll be saying the closing prayer. (This turned out to be a lie; the meeting ran long.)
Gavin: But I NEVER get to say the prayer.  Never.  Ever.
Heidi: You could say a quiet prayer right now and ask Heavenly Father to help you be less thirsty and feel happy.
Gavin: But he won't do that!
Heidi: Why not?  He answers prayers!
Gavin: Because sometimes the answer is NO.

I may have laughed out loud.
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