Aug 30, 2012

Lunch lady

This year I'm trying to spice up the lunches my kids take to school.  It would cost $20 a week for them to buy cafeteria food that's mostly disgusting (imho).  The boys don't love sandwiches, so before school started I did some research on more creative (but simple) lunch options.  Zach and Tyler helped me make a list of main dishes, sides, and extras that they like and we put together a lunch menu. So far, the system is working really well and the kids are all happy with the changes.  Here are a few samples:

Below: Leftover pasta, clementine, and cottage cheese

Breakfast burrito [eggs/cheese/sausage/tortilla],
banana, and frozen smoothie

Summer sausage and cheese, strawberries,
and Ritz crackers with cottage cheese and paprika

Pepperoni Pizza Puffs (made and frozen the week before),
marinara sauce, carrots, and applesauce

And boring stuff: ham and cheese sandwich,
grapes, pretzels, Go-gurt, cookie

Gavin and Lexi eat lunch at home, but I prepare their lunches in the morning just like I do for Zach and Tyler.  Lunch boxes for the Littles make lunch time a lot more interesting, and food choices are already made at 7:00 a.m.  I absolutely love that, since by the time the lunch hour rolls around, I'm out of motivation for the day.

I feel like a real live lunch lady when I set up my morning assembly line, which always makes me think of the classic Saturday Night Live song with Adam Sandler.

Maybe I'll have to add sloppy joes to the menu.
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