Aug 22, 2012

Back-to-school cell phone stories

Back-to-school shopping: Pantry edition.

These are really yummy (thanks for the tip, Melissa).

Kate wants to ride bikes like the big kids.

These kids can't figure out how to ride a bike properly.

Words of wisdom from the school wall:

 While the kids are away, the baby will play.

Some moms in the ward gathered for YoYogurt's "happy hour" on the first day of school. I wasn't part of the group shedding tears.

Even Kate got a new outfit for the school year.

Zach on his first day of middle+elementary school:

This has nothing to do with school, except that on the first day of school I finally sealed it up in, appropriately, a box from

First piggies: Hilarious.

The end.
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