Aug 28, 2012

News at work

Yesterday we were thrilled to get the final stamp of approval on Garry's new job!  He has been interviewing for a different position at Wells Fargo for a couple of months now.  He received a verbal offer last week and yesterday the final paperwork was complete.  He told his boss he's leaving.  It doesn't get a whole lot more official than that! 

Garry will join the Corporate Credit team and work on both the commercial and consumer portfolios.  He will focus a major portion of his time and efforts on the customer aggregation initiative.  He will be responsible for all the reporting (both production and ad hoc) related to that effort.  He has been tasked with automating as much reporting as possible in order to expand the reporting pipeline his new team supports.  (Thanks for the blurb on your job, Garry--it sounds all smart and legit when you say it.)

When he reports to work on September 10, Garry will drive to the same building (five minutes away) but sit at a different cubicle.  He'll be making a bit more money.  And he'll be starting a new branch of his career that we are expecting to be fantastic.
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