May 8, 2009

First grade funny man

Zachary came home with a giant pile of schoolwork on Monday. I finally finished going through it this morning and laughed out loud at some of his writing and artwork. Of course I love it all. Below each picture I've included Zach's descriptions and my observations in parentheses.

Exhibit A: "Me and Ben."
"Ben and I like to rollerblade while playing basketball. It is fun. Sometimes we fall down. Sometimes the ball goes over the basket. It is funny. By Zach." (I have never seen the boys do this, but I wouldn't put it past them.)

Exhibit B: "What I am doing tonight."
"I am going to a talent show today. I am going to do 500 poga bounces. My brother's going to dance. It's going to be fun! By Zachary." (My favorite part is the artwork - spotlights on Zach, a pogo stick you can barely see, and on the right, me cheering, "Go Zach!" from the audience.)

Exhibit C: "Big Family, Smelly Diapers."
"I'm getting a baby sister in May. It will be different. It will also be exciting. My family will have two babies in the house. I'll have to change diapers. That will be smelly. By Zach." (First of all, are the green scribbles supposed to be toxic gas emanating from a soiled diaper? Also, for the record, we have never told Zachary he'll have to change diapers!)

Exhibit D: "My Awsome Spring Break."
"How I had fun on spring Break. First, I played 8 hours of Mario Cart on the Wii.
I won 1st place over all. Next, I roler bladed with Ben L. Last, I Broke my record of 165 pogo bounces." (While I commend the artwork and writing on this one, Zach's story is a complete fabrication. We entertained cousins for most of Spring Break,
and then it snowed and snowed. And eight hours of Wii time? Dream on, baby!)

Last week Zach was Star of the Week in his class. Part of that honor is receiving letters from every classmate. I picked a few that I thought were especially funny. Apparently all first grade writing is amusing.

"Dear Zach,
You can always be my freind. You freek me out.

"Dear Zach,
You rock and roll! Can you do a back flip?
You are good at climing to the top of the bars!
Your friend,

"Dear Zach,
You rock! You are awesome. Do you have a game cube!
Please tell me your middle name and last name.
My real name is Chelsea. See ya!
From: Emily"
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