May 23, 2009

Big brother is watching

Life with our new baby has been pretty great so far. Tiring, of course, but with lots of Granny help things are running fairly smoothly.

Gavin is the wild card.

He's a sweet boy, but becoming a big brother sorta turned his world upside down. Happily, he's gone from furious to curious in a week's time. He's not hitting Lexi (or those associated with her) nearly as often. His inquisitive and exuberant pokes are just as dangerous, but we can appreciate the more tender motives he now has.

It seems part of Gavin's upset stemmed from missing me while I was at the hospital. While he has done remarkably well (i.e., been happy) in Granny's care, he is now overly concerned regarding my whereabouts. If I leave the room, he follows. If I return, he runs up for a hug. If I'm missing, he calls for me. If I use the bathroom, he sits by the door and waits. I'm trying to give him more attention and indulge his need for Mommy time when I can, and this appears to be helping.

The latest transformation occurred yesterday when Gavin discovered he can open Lexi's bedroom door despite the "child-proof" doorknob cover. Now if he hears Lexi cry, he literally runs to her rescue. While calling "Baby, baby!" he trots off to her room, opens the door, climbs up on the crib rails, and peeks over to check her out.

We can't blame him...Lexi is pretty cute.

We just prefer to supervise Gavin's interactions.

We're still not sure how Lexi feels about her big brother...
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