May 12, 2009

New morning ritual

Until the baby comes, Tyler, Gavin and I have one thing on the daily agenda:

If long walks don't induce labor, at least we're enjoying the sunshine and getting some exercise. Gavin is already hooked; whenever we go out now he runs to the stroller and tries to climb in. He'll get his wish come summer...I have grand plans for this post-baby body that involve the double stroller.

But I digress.

Our basic modus operandi involves Tyler scooting at lightning speed down a path with me walking behind a fair stretch. Then he stops and rests or plays or explores while I catch up.

Tyler is [mostly] in charge of choosing the direction we go. Yesterday was just perfect, but today I let him choose a longer route that took us about three miles and up a giant hill...we both got pretty tired! I did tease him for not being able to keep up with me on the hill, despite my very pregnant self pushing a stroller...while he rode a scooter! After the hill we ended up like this:

An extra perk is talking to Tyler when he wants to walk or scoot slowly along beside me. Today he offered these gems:

"Did you know that baby hippopotamuses have to swim as soon as they are born? That's because they are born
under water. I'm glad I didn't have to do that! I'm not a hippopotamus! I was just born in a hospital!"


"If we didn't have a broom, we'd have to get a dog or a cat to clean up our floor."

And when we got home today, we discovered several new tulip blossoms in the front planter (a bunch bloomed in the back last week). Hooray for color!

I guess it wouldn't be so bad to be pregnant a while longer...
if every day can start like this!
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