May 28, 2009

Here comes summer

Zachary closed the school year with a bang. We're proud of our soon-to-be second grader! He earned accolades from his teachers in science, math, and P.E. Each little presentation at the awards assembly began with some iteration of, "This young man is new to our school..." What a great fourth quarter it has been.

When Zach got ready for the last day of school, I noticed that he donned the same outfit he wore on the last day of kindergarten in Oregon almost exactly one year ago. Why I remembered this nugget of information is beyond me, but the blog archive backed me up! Here's a photo. I also thought it would be fun to compare these shots with the first day of school in 2008.

And now summer begins.

The weather is fantastic (read my gushing on the previous post), there are neighbors to play with, and we have a big yard to enjoy. At our house, though, when kids wake up before six o'clock, summer days are mighty long. I had ample time in April to contemplate this reality, so I devised a plan. Because I am me, it took shape in the form of a theme, a chart, a plastic bin, and an idea jar. I know I have OCD, and I'm sure I'm passing it on to my children.

The theme:
(There's nothing like a scripture to validate my personality quirks.)

The chart:
(The boys have three daily jobs in four categories: mind, body, spirit, and home.
Each job is listed on a card in the color-coded category pouch.
The purple pouch says "done!" Gotta love that "checked-off" feeling.)

The plastic bin:
(Here we have a collection of books and workbooks--only two of which were purchased for this purpose--that will help the boys complete their tasks throughout the week.)

The idea jar:
(Summer boredom is inevitable, so I put about 50 activity ideas in this jar.
The only catch is this: if a boy draws a slip, he must complete the activity
whether he thinks it's fun or not!)

We used a similar system last year that was pretty successful, but this is definitely an expanded and refined version. The kids are a year older, and I figure it's a fun-ish way to keep them occupied for a couple of hours each morning. I guess we'll see how it goes!
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