May 14, 2009

A preschool graduate who knows his ABCs

The other day a cute Oregon mommy friend posted about her daughter's latest kindergarten project. I thought it was so fun that I suggested to Tyler that he make his own version. He was super excited about it and got right to work.

May I now present excerpts from Tyler's ABC Book?
This kid's creativity cracks me up.

"D is for Drum anb brumsticks; E is for Elefint"

"J is for Jack; K is for King"
(Tyler is especially proud of the king drawing)

"L is for Lemonade in a cup; M is for memory card"
(He asked to use the memory card from my camera as a model to copy!)

My personal favorites:
"N is for Nothing; O is for Octopus with a black hat"

"Z is for Zeros"

This afternoon Tyler graduated {summa cum laude, we presume} from Springs Community Church Preschool. It was wonderful to see Tyler reach this milestone. Garry, Gavin, and I attended a special family program and graduation ceremony for his class. The program highlighted songs and adventures from the kids' year. Tyler's singing and actions were just delightful! We also enjoyed the cute caps and gowns an anonymous parent donated for the occasion.

Tyler asks me almost every day how long he has to wait for kindergarten to start.
We think he's ready!
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