May 26, 2009

Fun weekend photos

It was Memorial Day weekend, but it felt like a regular string of days at our house. Things are getting a little fuzzy with the parents all sleep-deprived and stuff. Garry and I have hit the "omigosh...we have four kids" phase. It's good, but it's exhausting. I'm glad Garry decided to take the week off.

Here are some silly photos from our weekend. More than anything, they prove that Alexis isn't the only child in our household these days.

Our boys have a thing with blankets...and the middle boy is obsessed with his bear.

Lexi is officially NOT a fan of bath time, but isn't her new belly button cute?

Here is Gavin watching his baby sister take her first real bath. He gets very concerned when she screams. Fortunately for all, she doesn't scream very often.

Gavin and I went to a two-year-old birthday party on Saturday. Gavin didn't really get into all the finger painting and artsy activities, but he managed to spill a goodly portion of paint, smear it everywhere, and have a great time doing it! Mostly I think he was just glad to have a one-on-one outing with Mommy.

Zachary was bored on Monday so Garry "let" him help with mowing the lawn. Zach grumbled about the work, but it was obvious he had a great time. Garry kept a close watch on our little landscaper while Tyler played with the neighbor kids in the background.

This is a classic shot from our little photo op with Granny before she left. She and Gavin developed a sweet relationship during her stay. Gavin called her "Gookie."

Tyler is such a silly boy. He loves dancing to the music this guitar plays. In this shot he is jamming with the guitar behind his back...apparently so everyone can still see his "awesome clothes." He is very excited about the outfits that came out of the hand-me-down box this season. Every day is a fashion show.

Another day, another bow...we're loving this little girl thing!

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