May 4, 2009

Monday night at the track

The whole family went out to support Zach at his second track meet tonight.
Thankfully, the weather was lovely. We had a good time, especially with
our friends on the sidelines! Zach competed in a 50-yard dash and 200-meter race.

Below: the short race. Enlarge the picture for better detail. Time: 8.90 seconds.

Below: the longer race. Zach found a good stride, but was more concerned with the position of his fellow runners than with actually running. He still managed second (maybe third?) place. He got another ribbon, which was his goal. Time: 42 seconds.

And what did we do for an hour in the grass? I enjoyed chit-chatting with the Conlins, Paula, and random others, Garry followed kids around with his awesome camera, Gavin charmed race patrons, and Tyler ran around like a crazy person and picked dandelions. Not a bad evening!

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