May 6, 2009

The sun and the daughter

Of all the things I love about Colorado Springs, I love the sun the best. This city is almost continually bathed with golden rays, even when it's raining or snowing or very, very, cold. The perpetual sunshine has the ability to infuse happiness into my soul when it doesn't want to be sunny.

And on May 6, when the 9:00 temperature is 60 degrees, it also beckons me to enjoy its warmth. This morning we ran off to playgroup at the park, a luxury I have not enjoyed for months. It was just lovely. Sunshine and friends! Here are some pictures.

The play structure was a huge hit, and I was pleased to see that Gavin was mostly safe to climb and slide on his own. He went down the slide again and again and again!

We also survived a park outing without any sand fights! Both boys enjoyed themselves in the sand...thanks to the tools a thoughtful Mommy provided!

I took these photos in our back yard yesterday afternoon. Gavin had so much fun and the pictures are adorable, so I'm posting a few.

This action shot of the big boys is the best I could manage...they were playing kickball with a neighbor friend and having a blast together. Hooray for happy afternoons.

As for the daughter portion of this post, suffice it to say that five Bartles (along with a few other Bartles and non-Bartles, I imagine) are getting super anxious to meet our Little Miss. I was disappointed to discover at this morning's OB appointment that I have not progressed further than I have, but I'm getting some pre-labor action that I hope will develop into something real!

Meanwhile, I found some delightful young-mommy-themed articles online today that I thought I'd share. While all those I've read were amusing, this one particularly resonated today. Enjoy!
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