Jun 7, 2012

There's a first time for everything

Dear Kate,

This morning you fell asleep in the doorway jumper while I was in the shower.  I was surprised; it was 8:30 a.m. and you'd only been awake for 90 minutes.  You had been a little fussy at breakfast and rubbed your eyes as I put you in the jumper.  Within moments you were fast asleep, cuddled up to Hopscotch.  I snapped a photo because it was your first time sleeping in the jumper.

You are marking lots of "firsts" these days.  You clapped for the first time this week.  You have discovered the joys of playing peek-a-boo, which is a game that now garners belly laughs.  You cruise around furniture and the lower kitchen cabinets.  When you rattled the child-locked cabinet doors for the first time, Dad and I groaned.  We had the same reaction when you emptied a package of diaper wipes (pulling them out one at a time) for the first time, and when you dumped a box of goldfish crackers for the first time.  You are on a path of great discovery as you explore the world around you.

Our family joined the YMCA, so you entered a daycare situation for the first time.  This is not your favorite thing.  We are learning that if you drink your bottle when you first arrive, you are happier for a longer period.  Hopefully as time passes you will get more comfortable with being away from me for an hour or two.  You are generally happy with babysitters at home.  When I was gone for a week last month, you were happy with Daddy, but I sure paid for my absence when I returned.  You wouldn't let me out of your sight for a few days!  It's good to know you like having your mama around.

Your crawling is getting faster and faster.  You still love to stand and climb, although falling down a couple of stairs has scared you away from steps for the time being.  You can stand on your own for several seconds in a row.  You can walk behind a push toy.  You don't seem eager to walk on your own yet, which is just fine with me.  All of your pants are gray in the knees, and the tops of your feet are always dirty (since you don't like shoes and socks, you always sport bare feet, and our floors are never clean).  

You love being outside.  You love to swing and to ride in the stroller.  You aren't sure what to think about grass and rocks but definitely don't like cement.  You went swimming for the first time last week and thought the water was pretty fantastic.  You like to rest your head on my shoulder (or Daddy's) and float on your back.  When upright, you kick and splash.  At a park the other day, you sat in the stream created by a water fountain.  You were all giggles and grins.

Since your first nap of the day is nearly over, I had better finish this update.  I sure love you, Miss Kate.


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