Jun 8, 2012


Garry found this aerial shot of our house on Google maps.  It's kind of funny that it was taken on the day in March that we had our furnace and a/c installed.  I'm so glad that since then, spring finally brought green grass and leaves to our barren yard.

We moved into our Colorado home four years ago today.  I can hardly believe that so much time has passed.  But, when I think about it, Gavin was only six months old and our family did not yet include two precious little girls.  I guess time marches on whether I'm paying attention or not.

When I look at the photo of our home, my first reaction is to think about the things I'd like to improve.  We are nursing some grass seed that we hope will soon cover bare patches in our lawn.  I hope that one day our half-finished flagstone patio will be complete.  The paint on our house is peeling, and I imagine replacing it with warm yellow paint and a bright red front door.  I think about the wood floors inside that need refinishing (or replacing with this), and the old bathrooms that need remodeling, and about finding some magical way to expand the master suite.

But the other thoughts that come to mind are much happier.  I think of bringing two baby girls home to this house.  I think of happy spring tulips and golden fall leaves.  I think of white Christmases around the fireplace, and tucking five little kids into five little beds every night.  I think about reading scriptures at breakfast time and eating ice cream after dinner.  I think about teaching my kids to clean toilets and their teeth and their bedrooms.  I think about playing the piano for hours and trying not to care that the neighbors hear all of my mistakes.  I think of sharing our table with friends and neighbors and missionaries.  I think about crying on the couch with a friend.  I think about late-night movies in the basement and early-morning cuddle time with three little kids who wake at the crack of dawn.  I think about posing kids for pictures by the apple tree or the lilac bush or on the planter or in front of the fireplace.  I think about the crisp feeling in the air on the first day of school and of the lazy heat that usually accompanies the last day of school.  I think about kids washing the van and jumping on the trampoline and running through the sprinklers and digging in the sand pit.  I think about pushing three babies in the backyard swing.  

In short, I think about home.  I am so glad we are here.
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