Jun 2, 2012

Summer so far

Well, the first week of summer is over.  I give it a 5 out of 10.  Summer "vacation" always has a steep learning curve for this family, and apparently this year is no exception!  We're figuring out how to make all of this together time work in our favor.

But when I get discouraged, I think, "Hey.  At least I'm not 7 months pregnant."  And then I feel a little better.

So on Memorial Day, I planted flowers.  Flowers always make me happy.  The green shoots coming up in all the bare spots in the lawn make me happy, too.  I'm excited to have a smaller planter and more grass in the front yard, and to maybe give up our Ugliest Yard in the Neighborhood status.

We joined the YMCA a couple of weeks ago.  Aside from the monthly membership fee, one reason I've hesitated to join a gym is the childcare issue.  It is a huge hassle to take five kids anywhere!  And Kate doesn't love the child watch experience (I mean, she really hates it, and I can only work out until she reaches the 20-minutes-of-crying limit).  But the other kids think the Y is super fantastic.  Zach and Ty are old enough to be in the cardio room with me, although their interest in exercise doesn't last as long as mine does.

We've been to the park a couple of times.  One outing was more successful than the other, probably because the second time we brought friends for the kids instead of meeting friends for me.  And I found out that Lexi can pedal a trike.

The kids played in the pool one hot, hot, day.  It was like 75 degrees or something.  Zach swam in a real pool and had a late-nighter at his buddy's house (since we don't do sleepovers).

 Kate learned to empty the dishwasher.

This was Friday night at our house: pizza and Madagascar 2, with kids in bed by 7:30.  The kids' dancing to the closing credits was hysterical.

The kids started their "daily checklist" routine, which is pretty slacker-ish compared to last year, but more nice-mom-ish.  The biggest change is that Gavin and Lexi got their own checklists, and LOVE making check marks when they do radical things like make their beds.  One of Gavin's jobs is to jump 100 times on his little trampoline.  Check!  And Amazon delivered summer workbooks.  Ah, Amazon, how I love thee.

I do not yet love summer, but I suppose I will get there eventually.
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