Jun 11, 2012

Friends in high places

This week it was my turn to organize an outing for moms and kids in our ward.  I chose to go hiking in Ute Valley.  I had fond memories of a hike there three years ago and wanted to go back.  Some friends met us at the trail head and we set out.

Our group quickly learned what I already knew: it's hard to hike with big kids and little kids.  Other than Zach and Tyler, the kid contingent was under five years old.  My big boys walked fast and wanted to explore off-trail, climb giant boulders, and jump around in ways that little kids just couldn't do (or that their parents didn't want them to do!).  It was a bit of a challenge to make it work, but Zach and Ty were reasonably patient with the slow-pokes.

I'm very glad that Ashley and Lisa and their kids joined us.

Kate slept most of the way in the backpack.  She looks comfortable, right?  

We didn't end up taking the same trail that I originally hiked a few years back, but I guess that means we can go back and try something new without getting bored, right?  My kids vote that we return tomorrow.  Outdoor exploration is their favorite thing!
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