Jun 15, 2012

Day camp

This week Zach and Tyler attended our stake's amazingly awesome Cub Scout Day Camp.  It's fun for me that the boys got to share this experience (for one year!), and fun for them that they both had such great activities to enjoy for three days.  They came home filthy and exhausted every day, much to our mutual delight.

Our stake Primary presidency did an incredible job of organizing and executing this day camp!  The boys made leather wristbands and neckerchief slides and fire-starter kits and other cool gadgets.  Tyler also built a step stool.  Both boys played pioneer games, went on hikes (Zach's was three miles!), rode horses, shot arrows and BB guns on the archery range, and went ice skating.  They completed lots of requirements for rank advancement, but had testimony-building opportunities as well.  I'm so grateful for my boys' chance to have such great experiences with their friends.

I spent Wednesday afternoon up at camp, which was held at the Air Force Academy.  I was reminded that the navigation part of my brain has totally died (I used to be so good with directions!), even when traveling familiar routes to common landmarks.  But eventually I got where I needed to be and, even though we took a detour, transported my group of boys to the ice arena.  I thought I'd be spending the afternoon in the bleachers with the other leaders, but instead got to ice skate with the boys.  It was tons of fun!

On Thursday night we attended a "closing ceremonies" family program at the Academy.  A bluegrass band and some square dancers entertained us while we snacked on popcorn and licorice.  Gavin and Lexi stole the show with their awesome dance moves (they even danced hand-in-hand for a while).  We enjoyed the cool breeze and watched the sun set over the B-52 plane.

Today Zach gets to attend a special camp for Webelos only.  He and his buddies will earn their Engineering badges.  And then Day Camp will end for another year.  Even though Day Camp cost us a water bottle (Tyler lost his), a bicycle helmet (Zach lost his), $40 to the babysitter, a few gallons of gas, and a crack in our van's windshield (plus camp registration fees), it was just so great.  Day Camp will definitely be a highlight of the boys' summer.
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