Jun 22, 2012

One more sleep

Tomorrow morning we are heading off to Arizona.  This time we'll land in Greer, a little mountainous town in the eastern part of the state.  We'll meet my parents and my siblings and their spouses and children, and together we'll enjoy the First Annual Dixon Family Reunion.  I cannot wait.

Preparations are well under way.

Yesterday Gavin and Lexi helped me pack.  They were super eager to fetch socks and swimsuits and Sunday clothing.  Once their little suitcases were packed, however, they assumed it was time to hop in the car and leave!  At dinner last night we finally helped them understand that in "two more sleeps," we could embark on our journey.

Our family is in charge of serving lunch and dinner to the family on Sunday.  Last night I bought all the groceries we will need.  I've never cooked for a party of 24.  It's hard for me to estimate quantities for a group that size!

Garry has been busy making marshmallow guns for the crew.  He also labeled individual bags of marshmallows.

I have put together a Dixon version of Jeopardy, which has the potential to be very amusing.  I hope that playing it turns out to be as fun as I am imagining.  Last week I also designed our reunion t-shirt logo.  I can't wait to see the finished product.

This time tomorrow we'll probably be somewhere in New Mexico with a car full of kids, bellies full of junk food, and DVD entertainment numbing our minds.  Sounds like fun to me!
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