Jun 17, 2012

Church according to Gavin

We were "late" to church today (15 minutes early) and didn't get a seat in the chapel.  We sat in the first row of the overflow/gym, where the seats are hard and child containment is mostly impossible.  Gavin was restless, and interspersed with mauling me (read: sharing constant physical affection), he had a lot to say.

Gavin: Mom!  No one [meaning the deacons who were passing the sacrament] is coming to us!
Heidi: That's because we are sitting in the back.  They will come.
Gavin: They will go to them [pointing to ward members in a row closer to the front], then to them, then to them, then to them, then to them, then to them, then to them, then to them...and then they will finally come to us.
Heidi: Yep.  Hush.

Gavin: Mom! I want my sleeves rolled up like that guy's.

Gavin: Mom!  Do I have lines on my head?
Heidi: No.
Gavin: I guess only old people do.

Gavin: Mom! That guy [sitting directly behind us] has no hair!
Heidi: You are correct.  Some boys grow up and their hair falls out.  It will probably happen to you.
Gavin: Then I will try to look so cool.

Gavin: Know what hair is the BEST?  Smooth on top and spiky on the sides.  Can you cut my hair like that?

Gavin: Mom!  I just saw a guy in a purple shirt and a Mowhawk that blinked one eye.  Is this blinking two eyes?  Can you blink one eye?  That guy in the purple shirt can blink one eye.

Gavin: Mom!  I am always older than Lexi and Kate.  Always.

Gavin: Mom!  I just saw a person with sparkly big toes and pink small toes.

Gavin: Mom!  Kate is a fun baby.  That's why we love her.

And this, Gavin, is why we love you.
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