Jun 1, 2012

While I was out....

Not many guys would take a week's vacation from work to be a single parent to five children.  Garry did just that, and I applaud his efforts and happy attitude.  He did a great job at home with the kids while I spent a week with my Arizona family.  His accomplishments included:
  • Taking Kate to her nine month check-up with the doctor (Littles in tow)
  • Attending two computer share days at the elementary school (Littles in tow)
  • Finishing up the front yard makeover, including new sprinkler placement, drip system installation, and grass seeding
  • Taking the kids swimming twice
  • Taking kids to Golden Corral for dinner
  • Taking nine-month pics and last-day-of-school pics for me
  • Going to Costco
  • Attending church alone (as in without adult assitance) with five kids
  • Preparing a picnic and finding a great viewing spot for the Thunderbirds' air show during Air Force Academy graduation
  • Fixing Lexi's hair
  • Packing lunches
  • Driving the carpool
  • Introducing our offspring to the delights of "Honey, I Shrunk the Kids"
And he did all of this with a smile on his face.

I enjoyed his Facebook updates from afar.  A few really made me laugh.

"Just overheard Lexi in the other room making this pretend phone call: 'Hello! This is Lexi.  Is this the police?  Gavin is being mean to me.  Can you come get him and take him to your police office?  Okay, thanks! Bye.'"

"Gavin's insight tonight as he voluntarily helped me clean up the kitchen after dinner: 'Dad, do you know what it's called when you help someone else and work together?  It's teamwork!'  Yes, Gavin, we make a great team!  Thanks for being the only kid to help tonight (and for doing your level best to recruit your siblings, who all refused to follow your stellar example!!)."

"Just got back from our first swim at the YMCA [we joined the day before I left for Arizona].  Everyone had a great time, but in typical Bartle fashion, we cleared the pool after Gavin swallowed too much water and puked up his dinner."

"Lunchtime conversation with Gavin and Lexi:

Gavin: Dad, what are these?
Me (Garry): They're called apple turnovers (from KFC).
Gavin: Oh, what's in them?
Me: Apples.
Gavin: Apples and what else?
Me: It's basically just apple pie filling.
Lexi (sticking her finger deep inside her own turnover): Yup!  I can feel it!
Me (laughing out loud): No, Lex.  It's not FEELING, it's filling.
Lexi: Hmmm...well, I don't like it.  I don't want mine.
Gavin (without hesitation): I'll take it.
Lexi: Okay, you can have it.
Gavin: Pinky swear?!"

"Someone is giving us a foosball table today and all the kids are excited.  Gavin's quotable for the day: 'Dad, I love foosball!  What are foosballs?  Are they covered in chocolate with white in the middle?'"


And of course he took some fun pictures.

Home improvement (Lowes, fertilizing the yard):

Outings (AFA graduation/air show, Golden Corral, swimming at the Y): 

School stuff (Tyler [green shirt] giving the announcements, computer share day, posing with Ms. Hoffert, technology teacher, and Mrs. Reynolds, the awesomest TAG teacher ever):

Just because (Lexi and Gavin with a juice mustache):

It was so nice for me to know that the kids were in good hands--and having a terrific time--while I was away for a week.  I don't know how Garry and the kids feel, but I think we need to do this more often!

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