Jun 14, 2012

Five minutes of peace

Zach and Tyler are at cub scout day camp this week, and I thought having the Littles on their own at home would be pretty easy.  I was wrong.  It has just been a different kind of hard.  On Tuesday, Gavin and Lexi were absolutely crazy all day long.  They steadfastly refused to be entertained, and instead made trouble in the pantry or the freezer or with the laundry or with the couch cushions.  Does anyone else have kids who won't play with toys?  I have four (soon to be five, I am sure) kids with this issue, and it drives me nuts.

I set up the doll house and they wouldn't play with it.  I offered to play a game and they didn't want me.  They didn't want cars, or dinosaurs, or books, or crayons, or painting, or chalk, or digging in the sandbox or jumping on the trampoline.  Finally, I filled up the kiddie pool and turned on the sprinkler.  That lasted two minutes.

At 4:00 p.m. I told the kids that they HAD to stay in the back yard for 30 minutes.  I didn't care if they sat on the ground and did nothing.  They just had to be out of my immediate presence--and not destroying the house--for a short time.  I actually locked the back door for five minutes until I felt guilty and unlocked it.

At 4:25 I went in the back yard to collect Gavin and Lexi.  It was time to pick up the big boys from scout camp.  Guess what I found?

Two kids sitting in a box (which they had broken), talking to each other.

And once I took a picture, they jumped on the slides and pretended to surf.

It nearly killed me to interrupt their happy play.  Of course a ride in the van broke the spell, and they resumed their Destructive Duo roles as soon as we got home.

I give up.
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