Feb 17, 2012

Second chances

I've been thinking a lot about what I was doing a year ago.  It wasn't pretty.  This time last year, my PICC line was infected and I was headed for a high fever and a week in the hospital.  I was so worried about my 13-weeks-gestation little baby.  I'm pretty grateful today for my happy, healthy, roly-poly, almost-six-month-old daughter!

Here are a few belated pictures from the final portion of Tyler's birthday: his "super 8" little pizzas (Tyler's choice for his birthday dinner) and his scrumptious ice cream cake (yes, he chose purple icing).

Garry spoiled me with a dozen roses for Valentine's Day.  I reciprocated with a kitchen knife and a heart-shaped chicken pot pie for dinner.


The latest iteration of cooperative bath time includes Kate in a bathing chair.  She loves it.

I'm down to a two-week wait to see the endocrinologist in Denver.  In the mean time, I'm glad to be experiencing far fewer side-effects from my latest drug experiment.  It's always a good thing when I don't have to send an SOS text from the kitchen floor.

And finally, the kind assistant director of TAG at the school district has agreed to re-evaluate Gavin for kindergarten on February 27th.  Since Gavin came down with a fever right after his ill-fated testing session, she was persuaded that the initial interview was not optimal.  We are thrilled for the second chance.

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