Feb 20, 2012

Six months!

Kate is half-way to her first birthday.  She is such a delight in our family, and she was so adorable during our photo shoot this morning that I had a hard time choosing favorites.

At six months, Kate is a somewhat steady sitter, a prolific roller, a grabber, a mouther, a laugher, a good napper, and a consumer of strained vegetables, cereal, and biter biscuits.  She still wakes up 2-3 times a night, with the occasional almost-all-night effort that gives us hope for better sleep.  She sleeps all swaddled up and is soothed by the white noise from her Sleep Sheep.  I seem to take a lot of pictures when Kate is sleeping and eating.

Kate finds her siblings very entertaining and is always thrilled when Daddy comes home.  She smiles with her whole body (just like her mama did when she was little).  She loves the doorway jumper and the exersaucer.  The swing and the bouncy seat are losing favor, though.  Kate rolled all the way across the living room rug last week and bonked her head on the hardwood floor, giving her forehead its first bruise/goose-egg combo.

The other day Kate found her thumb.  She has also discovered her toes and learned how to give slobbery, open-mouthed kisses that I find completely charming. 

This week we found out how much Kate has grown since her four-month check-up.  She gained just over four pounds and is now 16.8 pounds (68%), measures 25.5 inches (42%), and has a head circumference of 17.2 inches (83%).  Kate's rolls make me smile every day.

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