Feb 27, 2012

All smiles

This boy is not going to kindergarten in the fall.  His second round of testing went badly today.  As Gavin fidgeted and fussed during his appointment, I sat in the corner and watched all hopes of early kindergarten fly out the window.  Of course Gavin was oblivious to the fact that his behavior during that hour was limiting his scholastic potential for the next year (at least).  He was just smiling and having a great time--until he wasn't having a great time anymore, and then we left.  He happily skipped into preschool without a care in the world.

Say what you will about boys needing more time to mature, and pushing education before the student is ready, and letting kids be kids.  I know all about it.  I also know that Garry and I had a very specific, very pointed prompting to help Gavin apply for the Early Access program. Apparently God has another plan for Gavin now, and it's our job to figure out that plan.  

Until we do, I'm comforted by Gavin's two-dimpled grins and nap time cuddles.  Things will be okay. I know one four-year-old who thinks so, anyway.
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