Feb 7, 2012


Kate learned to roll over on Saturday.  I was thrilled to watch her do it for the very first time.  Sweet little missy....  Once she figured out rolling she did it again and again and again and again.  I always find it amusing when my babies hit the milestone of rolling onto their bellies.  They suddenly have amnesia and can't remember how to roll back.  And they get frustrated.  And I laugh.  Kate is already pulling her knees up under her tummy like she wants to crawl.  I hope that's a couple months away.  Still, I'm thinking I'll have to start cleaning the floor again once she's mobile.  And re-install baby gates.

One thing Kate has NOT learned to do is sleep through the night.  In fact, she is seriously regressing.  She typically wakes up three times a night now--and that's a good night.  Gone are the 8-hour stretches of blissful slumber.  It's so very tragic.  And Lexi is waking up just about as often.  Nights are a circus around here.


Yesterday I went to Denver to photograph the 90th birthday party of my dear friend's mother.  Thanks to Denver's blizzard on Friday, I didn't get to spend time with Melanie that night, but it was still lovely to see her for a little while at the party.


This morning, after a fitful night of rest, I got up with Kate at 5:00 a.m.  While she played on the floor I took my morning meds, which include a new prescription.  Down the hatch it went with all the rest, and I settled into a chair to read.  Garry came out to relieve me of parenting duties (since I'd been up with Kate half the night), and I went back to bed for a couple of hours before school.  When I woke up, I was seriously nauseated.  I quickly read over the new medication's side-effects.  Nausea was listed (of course!).  Within an hour, nausea was the least of my concerns.  I was dizzy--so dizzy that I felt detached from my body.  My muscles were weak and I felt like I couldn't move.  I was cognitively impaired, too.  I couldn't speak very clearly or even connect my thoughts.  It was ridiculous.  Garry picked Gavin up from preschool since I wasn't safe to drive, but he had to go back to work.  Around 12:30 I sent a distress text to my friend Becky, and she picked up the three Littles for the afternoon.  She had to help me get off the floor (where I'd been attempting to watch Kate) and walk to my bed.  I spent the next five hours drifting in and out of sleep, during which time I gradually came out of the fog and back to reality.

Should I take some more of the new prescription tomorrow? This is currently under debate...
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