Feb 24, 2012

This week in pictures


Kitchen haircuts.

The promise of spring: tulips.



This looks like a boy with an ear infection.

Cub Scout Blue & Gold banquet.


Children who "don't need naps anymore."


Silly girls on a snow day.

Session at the Denver Temple.

Almost ran out of gas on the way home.  I've never put more than 16.9 gallons in the van, even with the "empty" light on.


Sanity break [aka lunch] at Target.

Gavin's sliced thumb, courtesy of a steak knife (he was attempting to cut a banana).  Jennie came to the rescue, patched him up, and saved us the trauma of the ER and stitches.

Daddy's homecoming and celebratory Red Robin dinner.

Well, we made it.  This was an exceptionally hard week for me.  I had many life-saving helpers, though, and they deserve a shout-out.

To Starr, Melissa, Julee, and Karla: Thank you for bringing me dinner and treats.

To Dr. Yochim, Summer, and Jennie: Thank you for patching up my sick and injured kids.

To Melissa, Julee, Jenny, Leah, and Jennie: Thank you for visiting me.

To the random guys on the street: Thank you for helping me shovel my driveway.

To Leah, Jenny, Sharise, Tammie, Janice, Holly, and April: Thank you for watching my children.

To Melissa and Melanie: Thank you for talking me off a cliff.

To Connie and Tana: Thank you for going to the temple with me.

To Holly: Thank you for babysitting for free for five hours while I went to the temple.

To United Airlines and Garry's dirty old car: Thank you for safely returning my husband to our home.
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