Feb 9, 2012

Everyone but Tyler

I am working on an all-about-Tyler post for his eighth birthday next week, so this one will contain tidbits on the rest of the kids.

Zach has become an enterprising young fellow.  After learning how to make duct tape wallets in Webelos last week, he decided he would make some to sell to his friends.  He created his own sales flyer, took orders, bought tape, and set to work!  I'm impressed!  Zach might start a trend at his elementary school.

Last week I took calls from two of his teachers (TAG and Spanish), and both of them said the same thing: Zach isn't quite reaching his potential at school.  Zach and I talked at length, and he agreed to shoot for the "exceeds standards" grade instead of the "meets standards" grade.  Zach openly admits that he wants to do as little as possible to get by, but when he has teachers who demand work commensurate with his abilities, he is willing to try harder.  Garry spent some time working with Zach on a Spanish assignment, and when he turned it in, Senora Brewer was so thrilled with the final product that she kept his assignment as an example for her other classes.  Zach was pretty happy about that.

Gavin is adjusting well to his no-nap schedule.  How is that, you ask?  Basically because I give him free reign of the TV and the pantry--as long as he is quiet and doesn't bother anyone else.  This tactic inevitably involves messes to clean up later (notice the pile of orange peels on the couch), but I'm finding that my chance to relax/sleep/work during his quiet time outweighs the hassle of the mess.  It's all about survival, folks.

We learned yesterday that Gavin has qualified for additional testing for early kindergarten enrollment.  That will take place next week.  We are very pleased to move forward in this process.  If you are so inclined, please pray for Gavin and his evaluation on Valentine's Day!

Lexi is...two.  I'm not sure what else to add here.  She is fond of tantrums, defiantly yelling "no!", kicking doors, doing the exact opposite of what she is told, and demanding that I do not, in fact, love her.  This is a season of tried patience, embarrassing public spectacles, and many time-outs (for mother and daughter alike).  This too shall pass...right?

Kate continues to be her darling self, offering infectious grins, belly laughs, and frequent rolling demonstrations.  She likes to hold her own bottle and her own spoon.  She seems to love her twice-daily oatmeal feedings.  She does not sleep enough at night, but is a great napper.  I am ever grateful for her content personality, and for her willingness to be entertained in/by our many baby-holding contraptions.  She seems to really enjoy the times when I play the piano.  She sometimes falls asleep in her swing as she listens to me play.  I like that arrangement just fine.

Garry continues his Super Dad ways.  He is never upset when he comes home and I don't have a dinner plan.  He does all the grocery shopping and puts the kids to bed every night.  He rubs my sore neck and lets me go to bed ridiculously early.  I sure love that guy.

I am taking a half-dose of my new medication and dealing fairly well with the tempered side-effects.  The most annoying one is the dizziness.  In the temple today I struggled to focus since the room seemed to be spinning.  My pillow is my favorite thing in the house (besides ice cream).  The morning hours are the best part of my day, and I continue to love my daily sessions on the treadmill.  Tomorrow night I'm in charge of the Family Feud game at the "high school reunion" adult ward activity.  Hopefully that will be a fun event for all who attend.

So there's a current run-down on each member of our family, save Tyler, who will be properly spotlighted on Monday--the day he turns EIGHT!  We are all looking forward to his happy celebration.
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