Feb 14, 2012

Sad day

For those who were rooting for Gavin's early acceptance into kindergarten, we have bad news.

The evaluation committee liked Gavin's portfolio and selected him for ability testing. Testing happened today. Although he was happy and excited when I left him in the testing room, Gavin freaked out during his evaluation.  He jumped on a chair and started throwing things and eventually ran screaming from the room.  I still haven't been able to get him to tell me what happened--or why.

Garry and I are completely mystified at Gavin's response.  It's kind of like swimming lessons last summer.  We thought he would thrive, but instead he ran the other direction. We are devastated, and are certainly wondering what purpose all of this has in Gavin's progression.

At this point, we are praying for second chances.  As things stand now, we are at the end of the road with Gavin's application.  No kindergarten next year for him.

What now?
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