Feb 1, 2012

Eight loads

This is a hazy picture of my clean laundry pile, but I think it's an accurate representation of my perspective. Brain fog, anyone?

Garry has some 2011 PTO that he has to use before March 15, so he is spending a few random days at home.  Monday was one of those days, and I took advantage by spending the day in the office, editing my blog books for publication.  Monday was also the fifth day since my last round of laundry, so I kept the washer and dryer busy all day, too.  I had a big deadline for the blog books (a 20% off coupon that expired Tuesday), so I didn't take the time to fold the laundry.  Instead, I piled it on the couch, hoping magic fairies would attend to it while I worked.  They didn't.

So yesterday, which was particularly high-strung and frenetic, I tackled the massive, towering heap during the girls' nap time.  Aside from the socks, I managed to get through the whole pile in 45 minutes.  After dinner the family pitched in (under duress) and put away every bit of it.

And so ends another post about laundry.
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