Feb 13, 2012

Awesome EIGHT

Tyler is eight years old today!  Huzzah!

Tyler is an awesome kid.  He has done some big stuff this year with his grade acceleration, and we are just so proud of him.  Although the social transition was rough at first and he's had some challenges at home, Tyler seems to have hit his stride.  He's a happy, helpful, kind, thoughtful kid, and a great part of our family.

Tyler is thriving on the piano.  We took about a two-month break with practicing and lessons (that's what happens when Mom's the teacher!), but now we're back into the regular swing of things.  Last week Tyler finished the Primer level of piano books and has launched into Level 1.  He seems to "get it."  Hand position, note-reading, and a certain finesse just come naturally to Tyler.  I'm excited to see how he progresses on the piano.  I hope he'll develop a life-long love of music.

Speaking of music in general, Tyler is loving his once-a-week music club after school.  The club has 95 second- and third-graders, and they are putting together a musical about inventions from the last century.  Tyler always comes home humming a tune.  He's having a great time.

Tyler is really enjoying the Kindle he bought with his Christmas money.  An e-reader is the perfect toy for a bookworm!  When he's not reading, Tyler loves to build with Legos.  He has an ever-growing gallery of creations on the top of his bedroom dresser and on a shelf in his closet.

Tyler's baptism into The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is coming up in March.  We are so excited about Tyler's choice to be baptized, and about the family who is coming to celebrate with us.  If you can read this announcement, consider yourself invited to the baptismal service.

Another part of turning eight is joining our ward's Cub Scout troop.  Tyler is beyond excited about becoming a Wolf and doing exciting things like racing a car in the Pinewood Derby this spring.  No more sitting on the sidelines for Tyler!

We celebrated our very special boy early this morning.  He is thrilled with his art supplies and books from us, as well as Legos and cash from his generous relatives.  We are planning a yummy dinner of his favorite foods and will finish off the night with a fabulous ice cream cake from Cold Stone.

On Saturday, Tyler had a birthday party.  We departed from the norm this year and let Tyler take three friends (plus Zach) to Art Sports for lots of jumping and playing.  After the trampoline extravaganza, Garry took the boys out for ice cream at Cold Stone.  

So far, being eight is pretty great!
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