Feb 14, 2011

Tyler turns seven

{Editor's note: This post was written more than a week ago, but between health issues and card reader issues, I couldn't add pictures until today.}

My Valentines baby turned seven on Sunday. Where does the time go?

Because of all that is going on at our house, I wanted Tyler's birthday to be as normal as possible. It isn't a party year (even birthdays only), so Tyler just had a special request for his birthday cake. Not too hard, right? Tyler put together a new Lego set, I whipped up a cake and frosting, and voila! The Harry Potter quidditch cake was born on Saturday afternoon.

Tyler opened his birthday presents on Sunday morning. His reactions to all of the fun packages were priceless; I wish I had video footage of those few moments! I fretted over what to get him this year, and I'm pleased to report that snap circuits have been a huge hit. He and Zachary played with them all afternoon.

By strange coincidence, Tyler had the opportunity to give a talk in Primary on his birthday. He didn't practice out loud one time before church, but I was pleased to hear his flawless delivery in Primary. Since we had to turn in the talk to the Primary presidency afterward, I included a couple of references at the bottom of Tyler's script. I forgot to tell him not to read that part out loud. Oops! Garry recorded Tyler giving his talk at home after church. Disclaimer: Audio track includes a screaming toddler.

On Saturday, Garry took Tyler out to buy a new bicycle from Grandma and Grandpa Bartle. They had success, and Ty is thrilled with the bike. The Sunday afternoon weather was glorious, so the kids and I (including Ivy, my IV pole) took a short stroll around the block. Afterward the kids rode their bikes in the cul-de-sac for a while. Tyler hasn't experienced many birthdays with terrific weather! I was happy for him.

Later in the evening, Garry made dinner and we finished off the birthday celebrations with cake and ice cream. I got out of bed in time to join a chorus of "Happy Birthday" and watch him blow out his candles with one big breath.

Tyler is a terrific kid. At seven, he is thoughtful and articulate; friendly and compassionate; intelligent and wise; funny and charming. He is blossoming at school and loving first grade. He is helpful at home and eager to please. Tyler is too tall for all of his pants (time for size 8), his shoes are getting tight (size 3 is next), and he always needs a haircut. He is a happy, growing boy, and we are so glad to have him in our family.

Happy birthday, Tyler!
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