Feb 4, 2011

The McKinley

Meet my new sidekick, the McKinley pump. We'll have a close personal relationship for a couple of months.

Today a home health care nurse spent 2.5 hours educating me on how to insert whoozits into thingamabobs connected by four feet of whats-it-called. Prime this, pump that, press this button here and consult the manual there. Poke yourself in the gut, wear this fashionable fanny pack, and don't forget to sign on the dotted line.


Despite being very overwhelmed and very nauseated, I have hope. Even though that hope involves needles and a Biohazard container, I am encouraged. Shelly, my nurse, truly validated how awful I have been feeling. Based on her evaluation today, I also need IV fluids. My doctor has approved; fluids could start as early as tomorrow afternoon. We are hoping they will provide additional help and balance my ravaged systems.

For now, I have a dietary regimen to follow, daily logs and inventories to keep, and medical procedures to master.

Pregnancy is a complicated business at this house! But I'm sure grateful for our little baby. I'm also thankful for excellent insurance, which is picking up the entire tab.
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