Feb 16, 2011

Must-see TV

The lovely lady with whom I am privileged to present at Women's Conference spoke at a BYU-Hawaii Devotional with her husband yesterday. I just watched their address entitled, "Life, Love, and the Pursuit of Happiness" online and had to share. You can watch the broadcast here or read the transcript here.

When I met her in January, my first impressions of Chris were remarkable. I immediately knew she was a deeply spiritual, powerful woman and I felt so lucky to know and work with her. Those feelings have only expanded as we have exchanged emails, and my respect for her grew as I listened to her biography and to her wonderful address!

I also loved the topic of the devotional, which brought back fond memories of my courtship with Garry. I have pretty tender feelings about my dear husband as he devotes his every waking hour to serving me in my time of need. It's hard to believe this wonderful life all began in a smelly boys' apartment 13 years ago...
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