Feb 22, 2011

I'm not the only one

I think life at the hospital is a picnic compared to what's going on at my house. As I have mentioned before, each of the kids has taken a turn on the sick list in the last week, but these two have had fevers since Thursday.

Garry took them to see the pediatrician today. Daddy is getting lots of practice with this routine!

Gavin's fever was 102.5 in the office. He has a bad ear infection. Hopefully antibiotics will turn this kid around!

Zach's fever is finally under control. His persistent cough is just that: persistent. He was given clearance to attend school, since it can last 2-3 weeks. So he went for the afternoon.

Dearest Gavin is completely miserable. Sweet Granny has been rocking and comforting him (when she hasn't been rocking and comforting me) since she arrived. We hope easier days are ahead for both of them.

The bad news: Tyler came home from school with a fever and chills!

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