Feb 14, 2011


I rarely join the family for dinner these days. The sight and smell of real food (let alone actually partaking) is usually more than I can stomach. But tonight the dinner conversation was hilarious. Some comments I overheard from the recliner include the following, in no particular order:

Garry: Surely licking a napkin is worse than eating a green bean.
Zach: No! It's not! I hate beans! I'm going to barf.

Garry: What was the best part of your day?
Gavin: Playing outside with Rachel.
Garry: What was the worst part of your day?
Gavin: Getting a Diego backpack from Granny.
Garry: Um...wasn't that fun? Don't you LOVE that backpack?
Gavin: Oh, yeah! That was the best part, too!

Lexi: I'm poopy, Daddy.
Garry: Really? Again? We need to get you on a schedule, Sis. This is three times in an hour and a half.
Lexi: I'm poopy, Daddy.

Gavin: We're having dessert for our dinner. Treats!
Garry: Happy Valentine's Day! (Passing out treats.)
Lexi: Whoa. Open dat pees.
Gavin: Look at my tongue. It's green! I'm going to show in the mirror.
Tyler: Whoa! Chocolates! What's in that corner one?
Zach: Do I HAVE to eat my beans?
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