Feb 3, 2011

Security breach

Remember how Gavin gets into everything? Well, this week he defeated two of my most prized locking mechanisms...PLUS his car seat.

Help. Me.

Gavin was SO proud of himself when he grabbed the broom yesterday and used the handle to best the bi-fold pantry locks. Snack foods, chocolate chips, peanut butter, and dry baking goods are now at his (and Lexi's) disposal.

Then, today, he wiggled the fridge handles until the bungee cord slid into his reach. He picked at the cord until he figured out how to loosen the clasp, and....voila! Fridge access.

First he spilled a huge bowl of soup. My mom was quick to clean it up, since the scent of garlic makes me queasy (maybe I'm incubating a vampire).

After school the Littles were at it again. This time Lexi cracked a few eggs. Judging from the proximity of the beaters, apparently she intended to make cookies.

Sometime this afternoon I heard a sound oddly reminiscent of power tools emanating from the kitchen. I was right. Gavin had grabbed the cordless drill from the TOP of the refrigerator. I caught him just as he was about to bore holes in the cabinets. Fantastic.

Gavin has only escaped from his car seat one time, but since we were hurtling down Powers Boulevard at 55 miles per hour at the time, I think my heart palpitations have set me up for life.

So, I think Gavin needs a personal security guard--one that does not reside on the couch and is not hunched over a toilet. Any volunteers?
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