Sep 4, 2009

"Then and now" or " Some things never change"

{This post is brought to you by a mother who has been swept up in nostalgia.}

Today someone told me that Lexi looks like a little elf, and I have to agree.
But I must add that she looks like an elf named Zachary.
Don't you think? Zach was a little bird, back in the day.

When I was looking for the above comparison photo, I came across many treasures. We bought our first digital camera just before Zach was born; our photo archive is ridiculously large. So here we have baby-wearing in January 2002 and baby-wearing in September 2009.

In March 2008, Granny (my mommy) made Gavin a blanket and matching hat.
She also made a bigger hat for later.
18 months later, the blanky is well-loved and the "later" hat fits.
Don't mind the aerated lawn in the background of today's shot.

Of course potty-training has been on my mind.
Here we have Zach at 23 months and Tyler at 28 months.

A friend has been using our exersaucer, but she brought it back this week.
Putting Lexi in it conjured Gavin flashbacks.
In this photo he is six months old (Lexi is 3 1/2).

While we're on the baby gear roll, here are shots of all the kids (left-right, top-bottom, Zach-Ty-Gavin-Lexi) in the same swing, but three different houses.

Here's a universal comparison: sleeping while eating.
Tyler - almost three. Gavin - almost two.

This week I discovered this dapper outfit in the hand-me-down box. Zach wore it first. We still have the armoire in the background, but you'll notice that the second photo reflects my lack of patience for getting the perfect shot. Getting a picture of Gavin (or putting on shoes) for this blog post today just wasn't worth a fight!

There aren't many Tyler photos is this comparison piece, so I looked up two of our dancin' man just for kicks. Tyler has always loved to groove.
On the left, he's dancing at Disneyland in March 2007.
On the right, he's bustin' a move at football practice five days ago.

Thanks for joining me on my trip down Memory Lane!
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