Sep 17, 2009

This is the month...

Lexi is four months old! This is a day that has arrived more quickly than I imagined it would. What a sweet baby we have!

In thinking about the last 30 days, I always want to remember that this was the month that Lexi learned to roll out of tummy time.

This was the month she discovered her hands and tried to eat them.

This was the month of belly laughs and high-pitched squeals.

This was the month of discovering the "sweet spot" in the corner of the crib that reinstated all-night slumber and inaugurated scheduled afternoon naps.

This was the month of breaking into 3-6 month clothes, and of putting away lots of tiny pink things.

This was the month she started scooting backwards and in circles and wore a bald spot on the back of her head.

This was the month we decided she'd inherited her father's thick and wiry hair (for better or worse....).

This was the month she started outgrowing her stylish headbands...but still wore them.

This was the month of attending football practices and soccer games.

One year ago, this was the month we found out our dearest Lexi was on the way (although we didn't announce it for a bit). Back then we were so surprised, but now we can't imagine life without our little girl.

We love you, Lexi!
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